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Your Bird Watching Field Bag

A field bag is useful for carrying all your supplies when you go out bird watching. Although, every individual will have different requirements there is some equipment that it is essential to pack in your field bag.

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Binoculars: Optics should always be on hand so if you choose to carry them in your bag rather than on a neck strap make sure you can locate them easily.

Field Guide: Choose between a general field field guide or one that covers just the local area. We have advice on choosing the best field guide for your needs.

Notebook: Keep a pen and paper handy for making notes from field observations. Waterproof notebooks are available.

Identification: You may find it useful to carry proper identification particularly if you are visiting areas near private of restricted land. Find out more about photography in public places.

Camera: Useful for taking snapshots of birds that you want to identify later as well as recording your sightings. Take a supply of batteries and memory cards too.

Water: A long day walking can be thirsty work and it may be difficult to find a fresh water supply in the middle of the field so take a bottle of water with you and keep well hydrated.

Mobile Phone: Not only is a mobile phone essential if you find yourself in difficulties and need to call for help but if you have a smart phone there are a number of birding apps available to enhance your hobby.

Depending on where you are going bird watching you may also want to pack some of the following:

Sunscreen and lip balm
Insect repellant
Local map

It is also recommended that you pack a basic first aid kit and emergency equipment including:

Antiseptic cream

Buy bird boxes

Provide a home for birds to roost and nest
Bird Watching Binoculars

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