Bird Watching Gear

You don’t need much equipment to begin bird watching; in fact the most basic equipment required is your eyes! However, to get the maximum enjoyment from your hobby there are a few extra things that can help.

A Group Of Bird Watchers

A pair of binoculars and a field guide will help you with identification and a notebook and pencil means you can write down or sketch the birds you see. A site guide gives details of locations where you can watch birds, the species you are likely to see and the best time to go bird watching.

Bird watching is primarily an outside pastime so you will probably want to invest in some lightweight, waterproof, warm clothes.

For the more serious bird watcher a scope and a hide will help you get a much closer look at birds and a digital camera means you can take photographic records of the birds you see.

The links below will help you choose the best equipment for you and give you advice on using and looking after your bird watching equipment.