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Bird Watching Holiday Cottages

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We have partnered with Sykes Holiday Cottages to offer you a range of holiday cottages in areas well known for their bird watching opportunities.

Staying in a self-catering holiday cottage can give you so much more flexibility than staying in a hotel. Without meals at designated times, you can eat breakfast when it suits you, whether you are up with the lark or fancy a lie-in. It’s then up to you to decide whether to cook up something delicious yourself or head out to a local café for a leisurely brunch.

If you’re after proper rest and relaxation, self-catering holiday cottages will give you some much-needed peace and quiet that a hotel may not. You won’t be disturbed by noisy hotel guests coming in late at night and many of our selected cottages are in secluded areas of the countryside which means you’ll be able to get a great night’s sleep ready to wake up feeling refreshed for the day ahead.

We have chosen a range of self-catering holiday cottages in England, Scotland and Wales that are all recommended because of their proximity to RSPB nature reserves or areas where there are an abundance of different species of birds. As well as birds you should also be able to see other wild animals in their natural environment as well as walk, hike, ride, cycle, fish, sail and take part in other outdoor pursuits. 

Of course you may just want to spend time taking in the view from a beer garden of the village pub, in which case the manager of your holiday cottage will be able to advise you on local amenities including places to eat, shops and tourist attractions. Organised bird watching tours may also be available in the area and we would recommend that you check them out as local guides will have expert knowledge of where and when to see birds, particularly rarer species. 

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Bird Watching Holiday Cottages In England

Bird Watching Holiday Cottages In Wales

Bird Watching Holiday Cottages In Scotland

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