10 Reasons To Go On A Bird Watching Holiday

If you’ve never been on an organised bird watching holiday or tour then here are 10 great reasons to do so:

Bird Watching Tour


A bird watching tour is a a great way of meeting like minded people If you’re worried about travelling on your own then joining a tour is the ideal alternative and you may meet fellow birders who become friends for life.


A tour may work out cheaper than organising the holiday yourself as the tour operator may be able to get group discounts. Remember though, you are also paying for the convenience of a tour, something which money generally can’t buy.


If you’re visiting a country for the first time then going on a bird watching tour is efficient. The tour will have a planned itinerary and visits to bird parks, nature reserves and other attractions will all have been pre-booked saving you more time for bird watching.


A bird watching tour makes budgeting easier. There’s nothing worse than budgeting a set amount for a holiday to find you run out of money half way through. With a tour everything is paid for upfront so you know that you will be able to enjoy everything you planned to do.


On a bird watching tour you will be led by a local guide which smoothes out any language difficulties as he or she will also act as your translator.


If you opt for a small group bird watching tour then the trip can often be customised. Ask your tour operator before you go about the various options and they will usually be more than willing to accommodate your requests.


The tour operator and guide will know the area well and make sure that you see highlights that you may otherwise miss. The guide will have knowledge of the local wildlife habitats which means you may be lucy enough to spot some rare birds.


If you’re booking with a well-known tourist company then the operator will be bonded and fully insured which means if they go bust you’ll not have to make your own way home. However, do check your travel insurance and the credentials of the tour operator before travelling.


Your tour operator will take care of everything so you won’t need to deal with unscrupulous taxi drivers, corrupt customs officials or irate hoteliers who refuse to move you from a room with no view to one with a sea view.


On a bird watching tour you may get access to locations and venues that you would not be able to if you were travelling solo. Many tour operators have built up good relationships with local tourist attractions and you can take advantage of this.

If you’re still not convinced then take a look at our bird watching holidays and tours for more inspiration.

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