Bird Watching Apps For iPhone And iPad

iPhone and iPad apps for bird watchers mean that you no longer need to take a heavy field guide with you when you go bird watching. These apps provide useful information including photographs, descriptions and identification features of birds, maps, and bird calls to help you with your hobby.

These apps are all suitable for iOS devices – simply download the bird watching app on to your iPhone or iPad from the Apple App Store and you’re ready to go.

Birds of Britain Pro iPhone/iPad App

Written and designed by experts, this is a guide to 297 birds – more than any other British bird app – with songs and calls provided by top sound recordist, Geoff Sample, text specially written by biologist Dr Hilary Wilson, and carefully selected photos showing a variety of plumages.

Collins British Bird Guide iPhone/iPad App

Collins British Bird Guide takes 262 of the most commonly seen British & Irish bird species from the award-winning Collins Bird Guide and presents them in the same easy-to-use practical format. Search for a species by location, time of year or plumage traits; browse the stunning illustrations by Killian Mullarney and Dan Zetterström; read the authoritative text by Lars Svensson; check distribution against the up-to-date maps taken from Bird Atlas 2007–2011; or listen to any of the hundreds of sound recordings.

All Birds Scotland Complete Guide iPhone/iPad App

This app describes in detail all the 513 bird species which have been recorded in Scotland, including irregular visitors, with 1,834 premium photographs and more than 892 bird songs. You can map birds with GPS, make your own lists and browse the species in 5 search modes

Chirp! Bird Songs & Calls Of Britain and Europe

The identification and learning of bird songs can be hard, but not with Chirp!. A short description and helpful tips are given for each song or call, as well as a photo of each bird. Birds can be sorted by commonness, so you can listen to the most common ones first, then move on to rarer species. Or sort by song style, so that you can compare birds that hoot and coo, or those with high pitched songs for example. You can also sort by name, habitat or bird group.

Bird Journal iPhone/iPad App

Bird Journal mobile recorder is the perfect birder’s companion for recording bird sightings when on the move. Recording your sightings is easy using the smartly designed interface to find and record species instantly. For each species you record the app automatically adds a timestamp and a geotag.

Bird ID - British Isles Identification Guide iPhone/iPad App

Identify over 250 birds of the British Isles with this stunning guide. Includes high quality images, plus songs and calls. No internet connection is needed. Record your own bird sightings with GPS position and photo too.

eGuide to British Birds iPhone/iPad App

Now a fully universal app! It adjusts to the larger screen of the iPad if installed on an iPad. The eGuide to British Birds is an interactive companion to The RSPB Handbook of British Birds – the ideal reference for birdwatchers of all levels of interest and experience

iBird UK Pro Guide to Birds iPhone/iPad App

iBird United Kingdom and Ireland Pro, the world’s most popular identification app to birds of the UK, is now offers two powerful features: Birds Around Me (BAM) and Percevia smart search. Smart search lets you identify birds just like the experts while BAM only shows species that are found in your GPS area.

Birds Of Britain Pocket Guide iPhone/iPad App

This app is British-made, by British naturalists. Fantastic photos, songs, calls, distribution maps and detailed information for over 200 birds – all the common and best known birds in Britain arranged by family or alphabetically. The specially written bird notes cover the appearance, habitat, diet, lifespan, nesting habits, rarity status, and distribution in Britain, as well as interesting facts.

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