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Bird Watching Guides

Mixed Flock Of Ducks

Whether you’re new to bird watching or an experienced birder, learning to identify the hundreds of species of British birds can be a challenge.

We’ve put together a comprehensive collection of identification guides covering both common residents, breeding and winter visitors, as well as rare migrants. Our guides include detailed descriptions, full colour photographs, sound recordings, and some interesting facts.

You’ll also find mini guides to birds you might find in different habitats or at different times of the year. And for those birds that are hard to tell apart, our interactive ‘spot the difference’ guides will help you learn what to look out for.


British Birds Of Prey

British Woodpeckers

British Garden Birds

British Birds’ Eggs

10 Exotic Birds To Spot In The UK

10 Spring & Summer Birds

10 Woodland Birds

10 Birds To Spot At Sea

10 UK Bird Watching Spots

10 Autumn & Winter Birds

British Ducks

British Tits

Spot the difference

Mistle Thrush Or Song Thrush

House Sparrow Or Tree Sparrow

Black Redstart Or Common Redstart

Blackbird Or Ring Ouzel

Chiffchaff Or Willow Warbler

Cormorant Or Shag


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