CatWatch Cat Deterrent

The CATWatch cat deterrent is an utrasonic device that reduces cats visiting gardens by a third. It is the only cat deterrent that is endorsed by the RSPB.

The RSPB conducted a 2 year scientific study in which 150 volunteers took part to determine how effective CATWatch was. The results showed that that CATWatch reduced the probability of a cat visit to a garden by 32 percent. The total time spent by cats in gardens was also reduced by 38 percent.

Over time the deterrent effect increased which suggested that cats learnt to avoid gardens which had a CATWatch device.


CATWatch works by emitting an ultrasonic alarm which is triggered by a cat’s movement and body heat when it enters the protected area. Although the alarm is audible to cats and will cause them some discomfort, its frequencies are set well above the human hearing range so you can still enjoy your garden in peace. As soon as the cat leaves the protected area the alarm stops and the cat will learn that to prevent the alarm the area must be avoided.

One CATWatch unit will protect an area of up to 125sq m and will work in all weather conditions. It takes one 9v battery or you can use it with a 12v mains adaptor fitted with 9m of bell wire for long-term economy.


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