Clothing And Accessories

For many people getting ready to go bird watching may simply mean putting on some sturdy shoes and grabbing a pair of binoculars. However, if you want to go further afield then it is important to have suitable clothing and accessories.

Bird Watchers In A Forest

Depending on where and when you go bird watching will influence your choice of clothes. Clothes designed for camping and hiking will generally be ideal for bird watchers, and although camouflage isn’t necessary you may wish to steer clear of bright colours as these could be off-putting to birds. Choose earthy, muted tones instead.

If you tend to go bird watching in remote areas of countryside then taking a map or handheld GPS system will help you navigate and prevent you getting lost. Modern technology means you can record your travels, which means you can easily return to a spot to try and find that elusive bird.

And you’ll want something that you can carry comfortably in which to stash all your equipment be that a field bag, a rucksack or daypack or a bum bag.

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