A Hat For Bird Watching

Even if you’re not the sort of person who usually wears a hat it is worth investing in one for when you’re out bird watching. Depending on where and when you go bird watching will influence the type of hat you wear. Here are some of the reasons you should wear a hat while out in the field:

Bird Watching Girl In Hat

Sun protection: A hat with a wide brim will shelter you from the sun when bird watching protecting the delicate skin on the face and neck from too much sun exposure. Even on cloudy days it is still possible to get burnt if you are outside for many hours. You can even buy hats with built in UV protection which are particularly good if you have very sensitive skin.

Choose a hat with a floppy brim that can be carried in your field bag and will not interfere with binoculars. You can get a hat with broader brim at the back to protect your neck from the sun or one with press studs or buttons that can pin up the sides if necessary.

Reducing glare: On very sunny days, glare can reduce visibility when you are out bird watching which can make identification of birds more difficult. A hat can minimize glare and make it easier to see birds without straining your eyes.

Camouflage: A neutral coloured hat can help camouflage you and break up the outline of your head which can put birds on alert. A patterned hat can give even more camouflage. Earth-tone hats in grey, brown or green are the best colours to choose for a hat and help you blend into the environment.

Warmth: On cold days a hat will keep you warm and a beanie is ideal. It may be tempting to get an hat with ear flaps but they can mask faint calls and songs that can help you locate and identify birds. If you choose a hat with ear flaps make sure they can be clipped up out the way when you need to.

Ventilation: A hat made from mesh or with panels at the sides and crown will keep air circulating around the head and will be more comfortable in hot climates. A ventilated hat will keep you cool but still provide shade and protection from the sun.

Whichever hat you choose to buy for bird watching ensure it is a comfortable fit as you don’t want to be constantly adjusting it when out in the field. You should also be able to move your head around easily in it without restriction and make sure it is easy to clean.

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