Fat Balls For Birds

Give birds an extra treat during winter or breeding season with these high energy fat balls.

These best-selling suet fat balls from Pexkish are made with 100% natural ingredients and blended with sunflower seeds that will attract a wide variety of birds to your garden.

They are also enriched with CalVita, a unique blend of vitamins and minerals that garden birds need to stay healthy. 

CalVita includes carotenoids to develop feather colour and protect from sunlight damage, calcium to promote bone and feather growth and is essential for egg production, and vitamins A,D,E and Biotin which strengthens beaks and bone and helps with growth and reproduction.

The fat balls can be used in a bird feeder, squeezed into tree crevices, or simply placed on your bird table. Many common garden species including blackbirds, chaffinches, thrushes, tits and woodpeckers will find them irresistible.

The fat balls come in a tub of 50 with no netting, and as long as they are kept somewhere cool they will not spoil. 

They are a fantastic source of carbohydrate that birds need to keep their energy levels up all year long but particularly during winter and the breeding season. 

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