Garden Wildlife Direct

Garden Wildlife Direct

Garden Wildlife Direct is one of the leading UK suppliers of bird food. The team behind the company are dedicated to making caring for your garden birds as affordable as possible.

Best Selling Garden Wildlife Direct Products

Garden Wildlife Direct is the UK’s largest independent online garden bird food store that serves customers directly. They guarantee to offer the best quality bird foods at the best possible prices.

Garden Wildlife Direct was founded in 2012 when its owners, who are both avid bird feeders, identified that the high prices of quality bird food was potentially preventing many people feeding the wildlife and birds that visit their garden.

Wanting to supply only the best quality food, they work with independent UK manufacturers who are committed to the Fair Nature accreditation programme which supports the UK’s farmers in supporting wildlife.

Garden Wildlife Direct claim to offer the cheapest bird food online compared to their competitors. You can check the prices for yourself here.

Garden Wildlife Direct also supply a selection of bird feeders, nest boxes and bird baths as well as products for other wildlife to suit all budgets.

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