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Squirrels can be a delight to watch in your garden but they can also take all the food left out for your garden birds if given the chance. 

With a dedicated squirrel feeder, you can train them to feed in a different location and lure them away from your bird feeders. 

This range of squirrel feeders can be filled with peanuts or squirrel food and their design means the food will be protected from wind and rain. 

Kingfisher Wooden Squirrel Feeder

Feed squirrels in your garden with this durable wooden squirrel feeder. The feeder comes complete with a wire hanger and feeding platform. It is ready-assembled for use. 

CJ Wildlife Squirrel Feeder

Give squirrels their own food supply with this green metal and plastic squirrel feeder. The feeder has a durable construction and is simple to fill and put up and take down.

Greenkey Squirrel Feeder

A natural bark squirrel feeder manufactured from timber certified from a sustainable source. The feeder can be filled with peanuts or a dedicated squirrel mix.

Esschert Design Squirrel Feeder

A simple wooden squirrel feeder with a zinc roof. Provide squirrels with their favourite food in this dedicated feeder to keep them away from bird food. 

RelaxDays Squirrel Feeder

A spruce wood squirrel feeder so you can watch squirrels eat and to help them survive the winter. It has 2 round holes for easy filling of nuts or squirrel food. Available in 3 finishes. 

Wildlife World Squirrel Feeder

This sturdy squirrel feeder is built to last. Made from durable  FSC managed timber, the lid has a corrosion resistant hinge to ensure longevity and proper function. The generous hopper can easily be filled with peanuts.

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