Gardening Calendar

As the seasons change throughout the year so the needs of wild birds change too. If you are trying to attract birds to your garden or already have regular visitors, then you will need to undertake a few tasks in your garden each month to reflect those needs.

In the winter months from November to March, birds are concerned with survival and finding food to supply them with enough energy in the cold weather. You can help by providing food, water and shelter.

From February to July birds will go through courtship, nest-building, egg-laying and raising young chicks. They will require shelter for nesting sites and food for their fledglings.

During late summer and early autumn birds will moult and prepare for winter or migration. They will need to find plentiful sources of energy so it is important to keep providing them with nutritious food.

The gardening calendar gives practical advice on the jobs you should be doing each month to encourage birds into your garden as well as giving a brief synopsis of some of the species you may observe in your garden.

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