Garden Jobs For June

As midsummer approaches you’ll be able to sit outside and enjoy all the work you’ve put into your garden earlier in the year. If your garden has thick hedges you might attract summer visitors such as willow warblers and chiffchaffs. However, be aware that these are shy birds so may be difficult to spot.


You should see adult birds taking advantage of the light summer nights and gathering food for their chicks right into the evening. Most birds feed their young on caterpillars and insects before returning to boost their own energy levels from your bird table or feeders so it is important to keep them well stocked.

Avoid putting out dry food such as stale bread and cake as these can dehydrate birds and don’t put out whole nuts either as baby birds can choke on them. Instead, chop nuts up finely or use a specially designed peanut bird feeder with mesh holes so birds can only take small morsels.

Providing fresh water is important in the summer so make sure your bird bath is topped up regularly. You may need to clean your bird bath more often as the heat can cause algae to build up more quickly. Running water will keep the water fresher and birds are attracted to the sound of splashing water so a bird bath with a fountain is ideal.

Take advantage of the sun’s energy and invest in a solar powered bird bath. Not only is it more environmentally friendly than one powered by electricity, but it is also safer as there are no dangerous cables for children to trip over as they play out in the sunshine.

Many birds such as blue tits will eat insect pests like greenfly and aphids that may accumulate on your bird bath but if they become a concern wash them off with a dilute solution of washing-up liquid. Don’t use anything else as pesticides can harm birds if they try to eat the debris.

Be careful when you trim hedges and shrubs to not disturb nesting sites. And when you begin to dead head flowers leave any with seed heads for birds to feed on later in the year.

June is a wonderful month to spend some time relaxing in your garden. All your hard work over the rest of they year should have paid off and you should see some lovely birds and wildlife in your garden.

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