10 Bird Watching Gifts For Children

Although children don’t need much equipment to begin bird watching there are a few things that will really help them with their hobby and encourage them to learn about the birds they observe.

And even if your kids are too young to go on bird watching trips there are still activities that they can do at home to get them interested in nature and wildlife.


A lightweight pair of binoculars that children can easily carry and hold will help them watch and identify birds without disturbing them.

Sunflower Kit

Sunflowers are great fun for children to grow and they can use the dried seedheads to feed the birds. Kit contains everything you need to grow a giant sunflower.

RSPB Singing Birds

These soft fluffy birds with authentic digital calls come with facts and figures about migration and habitat. There are many different species to collect.

Paint A Bird House

A simple self-assembly bird house kit that can be personalised to match the imagination of your little gardeners and nature watchers.

Ornithologist Kit

Hand-crafted bird watcher’s kit contains 72 images of common identification cards, folding binoculars, notepad and pencil for field notes and feeding recipes.

Acorn Bird Feeder

Children will love feeding birds from this novelty feeder by Fallen Fruits which will attract a variety of birds to your garden.

Bird Bingo

Bird Bingo brings a fun and educational twist to a traditional game and will help children learn the names and colourings of both their favourite species as well as some more exotic birds.

Bird Table

A hanging wooden bird table that is ideal for smaller birds and smaller bird watchers. The bird table is simple to assemble and has all the screws supplied. 

RSPB Children's Guide To Bird Watching

Jam packed with colour photographs and paintings this is an excellent book to encourage what could become a worthwhile and lifelong passion.

Duck And Swan Food

Introduce your children to the delights of feeding the ducks with this specially formulated floating bird food for wildfowl.

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