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When a digital radio station started broadcasting birdsong it became an unlikely hit with nearly a million people tuning in to listen to the soothing sounds of birds every day.

If you enjoy listening to birdsong or want to learn to identify the calls of birds then choose a birdsong CD from the selection below.

Bird song has also been found to help tinnitus sufferers and can be sued for deep relaxation, therapy, and white noise. 

British Bird Sounds On CD

This is a guide to all British birds whose sounds are likely to be encountered by the average birdwatcher. A total of 175 species are heard. English names are announced before each recording. As far as possible background species sounds are identified to prevent confusion.

The Sound Of The Sea With Shore Birds

The sea lapping and breaking on the shore, to the accompaniment of a selection of shore birds – mainly gulls, wildfowl and wader – heard at intervals. Mostly recorded at Ayr in Scotland.

Gentle Birdsong

On this peaceful recording you can listen to a variety of gentle birdsongs, featuring robins, blackbirds, skylarks, cuckoos, garden warblers, chaffinches, meadow larks, song thrushes and the house sparrow

Healing Birdsong

Recorded at dawn, this recording features 2 tracks: 1 x 35 minutes of soothing birdsong including robins carefully mixed in and out with calming relaxation music composed and performed by Llewellyn.

The Sound Of Birdsong

The Sound Of Birdsong features some of natures most beautiful sounds in a pristine series of recordings. Featuring English country garden delights such as the blackbird, thrush nightingale and blue tit this enduringly eclectic compilation will relax and delight by turn. Sit back, enjoy a cup of tea and a scone and enjoy!

A Collection Of British Bird Songs

This unique collection of British Bird Songs comprises of individual birds and groups. Great for bird sounds recognition or purely for relaxation and a reminder of those summer days during the long winter months.

Dawn Chorus: A Sound Portrait Of A British Woodland at Sunrise

This is the perfect chance to immerse yourself in the uplifting sounds of a perfect country morning, from the comfort of your own home. At dawn, in our countryside, there is a pronounced peak in bird singing activity. This is especially noticeable for about an hour after the first light in temperate zone woodlands during spring and early summer

Songs Of Garden Birds

A very popular audio guide which helps to identify the bids that come to our gardens- not just the early morning minstrels that wake us with their songs, but all those that sing around our homes at any time.

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