Hannah Turner Bird Ceramics

Hannah Turner creates beautiful handmade ceramics for the home providing perfect British products for gift-givers and collectors alike. 

From sketchbook to the final piece, Hannah pays attention to every detail of the design process. She has been producing ceramics since 1991 and in her work there is a delightful humour through the use of colour, line and stance, enhancing the form and producing works of art and design with a touch of wit that look perfect in every room.

Handmade Ceramic Turkey Salt And Pepper Shakers

Turkeys aren’t for Christmas but for life with these gorgeous Salt and Pepper Shakers.

The newest addition to Hannah Turner’s salt and pepper shaker range are these gorgeous gobbling Turkeys, they will certainly grab some attention and prove that Turkeys aren’t for Christmas but make a great all year round addition to any dining table.

Handmade Ceramic Flamingo Egg Cup

This Flamingo egg cup is bang on trend with this year’s tropical themes, get some 50s kitsch styling on your breakfast table.

This beautiful handmade ceramic Flamingo Egg cup, designed by Hannah Turner is certainly a collector’s piece! It is the latest addition to Hannah’s egg cup collection. Put your boiled egg in the body of the Flamingo and crack it open for some breakfast fun.

Inspired by collectable, fifties vintage kitsch it forms part of Hannah’s growing range of fabulous ornamental egg cups, the flamboyant Flamingo is really creating a stir.

Ceramic Owl Coasters

Four different fabulous owl characters feature on these lovely and very useful handmade, ceramic coasters designed by Hannah Turner.

Presented in a beautiful box, this collection of ceramic owl coasters is bound to put a smile on your face. Each coaster has it’s own character. Winky, Dozy, Perky and Puzzled! A great way to protect your lovely furniture and inject a bit of humour to your home.

Peacock Teapot

Create a sense of occasion at the table by getting out a good old fashioned teapot, adorned with a regal and stunning Peacock design.

The timeless beauty of the regal Peacock never fails to catch the eye, and this teapot will certainly be a show-stopper on your table. The Peacock echoes the appealing simplicity of the 1950s which is a hallmark of Hannah’s latest range of tableware. The flamboyant feathers swirling up the handle and around the lid add a real touch of glamour to this kitchen staple.

Peacock Egg Cup

This peacock egg cup is a lovely way to liven up the breakfast table. Perch your egg in the body of the bird, and smile.

The latest addition to the eggcup range is the regal Peacock. Inspired by a Sri Lankan antique carving, and also the Peacocks strutting around Corsham Court, this elegant egg cup makes quite an impact!

Designed in the UK by Hannah Turner, these peacock egg cups could be the beginning of a Hannah Turner collection?

Handmade Ceramic Toucan Salt And Pepper Shakers

Tropical Toucans are the inspiration for Hannah’s gorgeous handmade salt and peppers shakers.

Brightly marked with characteristic large, colourful beaks and beady blue eyes, Hannah’s Toucan shakers are a great addition to the dining table. Get tropical in your kitchen with this beautiful Toucan cruet set.

Ceramic Bird Coasters

A box set of four ceramic bird coasters to add a touch of humour to your table. Designed by Hannah Turner, each coaster is different.

Inspired by Hannah’s love of birds, these 4 ceramic coasters are the perfect inexpensive gift and are part of a large collection of tableware available in the Birdlife design. Presented in a little gift box, the beautiful Birdlife coasters are bound to put a smile on your face. A great way to protect your lovely furniture and inject a bit of retro style to your home.

Owl Egg Cup

A beautiful, wise old owl egg cup for your breakfast table.

Available singly or in a box of four, these will add wit and charm to any breakfast table. The could double up as a toy too, fly them through the air when the egg is eaten! Designed in the UK by Hannah Turner, these owl eggcups could be the beginning of a Hannah Turner collection?

Handmade Ceramic Peacock Butter Dish

Designed in the UK this new Peacock butter dish will really add a touch of retro glamour to your kitchen table.

Proud peacocks in jewel-toned hues of turquoise, purple and green adorn this ceramic Butter Dish. It is just part of Hannah Turner’s beautiful range of Peacock Tableware and with it’s vibrant strutting Peacocks it would make a bold statement on your breakfast table.

Set Of Three Handmade Ceramic Flying Toucans

A set of 3 flying Tropical Toucans for your wall, designed in Bristol by Hannah Turner

The perfect gift for any Toucan lover, this flying set for the wall are a stunning and highly-collectable alternative to the flying ducks that so many kitsch collectors love. Brightly marked with characteristic large, colourful beaks and beady blue eyes, Hannah’s flying Toucan flock will liven-up any wall.

Handmade Ceramic Robin Egg Cup

A beautiful, handmade ceramic Robin Egg Cup, designed by Hannah Turner.

The Robin is now the UK’s national bird, so Hannah has immortalised it with this Robin Egg Cup so you can gaze adoringly at it every morning. Not just for eggs, it could also be a holder for salt or pepper, or miniature plants, or even trinkets?

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