Royal Crown Derby Bird Paperweights

Royal Crown Derby was established in 1750 and is one of the oldest manufacturers of porcelain in the UK.

These beautiful bird paperweights are made from high quality English bone china and would make lovely investment pieces for collectors and bird and nature lovers.

Royal Crown Derby Kestrel Paperweight

The intricate feather patterns of the kestral are woven with black and gold, as the Kestrel perches on an ivy covered branch. The paperweight comes alive through the piercing eyes of the kestrel, which captivates any admirer, as his sits alert watching out for prey. Made from the highest quality English fine bone china.

Royal Crown Derby Robin Paperweight

This cute bird is Royal Crown Derby’s most popular paperweight ever produced. Add this cheery chap to your collection and he will always make you smile. Made from the highest quality English fine bone china.

Royal Crown Derby Peregrine Falcon Paperweight

The commanding peregine falcon perches on the branches of a fir tree. It’s powerful build contrasting beautifully with the fine detail of its plumage and the fir tree. This beautiful and majestic creature has been designed using rich purple and blue tones to give an opulent plumage befitting such a noble bird. Made from the highest quality English fine bone china.

Royal Crown Derby Blue Tit Paperweight

With a bright and vibrant mix of cobalt and lighter blues, yellows and greens, this blue tit paperweight features a soft and textured representation of its feathers and body.

Royal Crown Derby Firecrest Paperweight

The unusual colours of this tiny bird are often overlooked because it’s so small and difficult to spot. Designer Jane James has emphasised the greenish body, gold accents and the flaming ‘fire’ of its crest in this beautiful, vibrant paperweight.

Royal Crown Derby Yellowhammer Paperweight

Bold, bright and playful this yellowhammer paperweight oozes with the distinctive detail of this wonderful bird. The graphic imagery on the design makes this paperweight appear animated and full of life. A true delight. Made from the highest quality English fine bone china.

Royal Crown Derby Swallow Paperweight

This elegrant and graceful swallow in flight paperweight depicts the distinctive beauty of this bird. The swirling lines portray the swallow whooshing past in a lively dance, and the bright blue, black and gold colours emphasise the birds playful nature.

Royal Crown Derby Goldfinch Paperweight

This striking model of a favourite British garden bird will be a must have for your mantelpiece with its design of red, white, black and gold, giving a combination that will appeal to paperweight collectors and bird lovers alike.

Royal Crown Derby Jenny Wren Paperweight

This dainty paperweight has captured all the beauty of this frisky bird, wonderfully depicting its rich reddish brown colouring with gorgeous detailing in the design.

Royal Crown Derby Crested Tit Paperweight

Louise Adam’s pretty crested tit design incorporates the distinctive outline and markings of one of Scotland’s most charming birds. Made from the finest bone china the crested tit paperweight would make a delightful gift for bird lovers. 


Royal Crown Derby Little Grey Owl Paperweight

Brought to life with piercing yellow eyes, this little grey owl has a lovely expressive face and is decorated in simple tones of grey, black and white. Made from fine bone china and finished with 22 carat gold. 

Royal Crown Derby Great Tit Paperweight

Boasting layered feathers in vibrant colours of yellow, gold and green, Royal Crown Derby capture the beauty of the great tits colourful plumage, stricking white cheeks, and glossy black head. Made from the highest quality English fine bone china.

Royal Crown Derby Bearded Tit Paperweight

Featuring striking shades of blue and white to create a fabulous feathered effect, the blackcap fine bone china paperweight makes a perfect gift for bird lovers and collectors alike.

Royal Crown Derby Blackcap Paperweight

Watch, listen and record on your on PC or laptop as birds nest and raise chicks in full colour. Share your movies and screenshots with friends via YouTube, MSN and Skype etc.

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Royal Crown Derby Barn Owl Paperweight

Rich autumnal reds and blues decorating the traditional barn owl’s feathery coat, and pearlescent whites and greys illustrating its pale face against its large, dark eyes.

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