Hanging Japanese Style Bird Table

This Japanese styled bird table from Eschert design  would make a pretty addition to any garden and help attract wild birds. 

The hanging bird table is made from light-coloured FSC certified wood. It features a low, wide pagoda-style roof to keep out larger birds and squirrels, and to keep the food fresh and dry underneath.

The centre of the bird table can be used to feed birds seeds and peanuts while the edges can be sued for feeding kitchen scraps and other treats. 

There is a small lid in the centre of the roof to allow easy access for filling and cleaning. 

The bird table has been dipped in a green preservative to protect it from the elements so the exact shade may vary. The colour will fade with exposure to sunlight. 

The Japanese style bird table measures 39 x 39 x 21 cm and weighs 3.9 kg. It comes complete with a wire hanger.

It is ideal for smaller gardens and patios and would make a lovely gift for a bird loving friend.