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Ornithology and bird ringing equipment to assist with wildlife monitoring and surveys. Please note that some ornithology equipment such as mist nets can only be supplied to licensed ringers and you will need supply a copy of your licence when you make your purchase. 

DialMax Vernier Dial Caliper

These lightweight 150mm analogue vernier dial calipers are an essential piece of field kit with a multitude of uses. They have a 0.1mm scale and are ideal for taking measurements of small mammals, birds and reptiles. The vernier dial calipers are particularly suitable for tarsus and head-bill measurements during bird ringing.

5-Hole Small Bird Ringing Pliers

These bird ringing pliers are for use with split rings – as used by most of the national birding schemes around the world including BTO, SAFRING, USFWS and ABBBS. These pliers can also be used to close split rings supplied by smaller companies specialising in caged birds. The new design features computer-engineered holes to perfect the size and elliptical angle of each hole.

300 mm Large Wing Rule

Used for wing measurements on larger passerines and smaller non-passerines, which can also be used for some other simple biometrics, such as tarsus length, toe-tarsus length (though not as detailed a result as with callipers).

Pesola Light-Line Spring Scale

Pesola Scales are Swiss-made, universally acclaimed precision scales which are reliable and durable, with no batteries required. Each scale is adjusted by hand and has a guaranteed accuracy of +/-0.3%.

Ecotone Bird Holding Bags

These Ecotone Bird Holding Bags are ideal for holding birds, bats or other small mammals during ringing or monitoring sessions. They come in packs of 10 and are manufactured from hardwearing but soft breathable cotton and are coloured to calm animals while they are restrained.

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