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All these plants have been specially chosen because they are attractive to birds. They will either provide food for birds in the form of seeds, berries or nectar, give shelter and warmth under dense foliage or they will attract insects from which birds and other wildlife can feed.

Rosa Glauca

Small clusters of single, cerise-pink flowers with pale pink centres in June and July on almost thornless stems, followed by spherical, red, autumn rose-hips. This vigorous, arching, species rose makes a great, informal flowering hedge for an open, sunny site.

Crab Apple Malus Comptesse De Paris

A very choice small garden tree with long season interest. Perhaps it’s finest attribute is the sweet violet scent that wafts from the creamy flowers, coral pink in bud. Small green-gold fruits follow and the leaves turn nice shades in autumn too which, along with the fruits which persist for some time, lends the tree grace and beauty almost year-round.

Pyracantha 'Saphyr Orange' Firethorn

Upright, later spreading, evergreen shrub with dark green leaves, spiny branches and bunches of small white flowers in late spring. These are followed by a profusion of bright orange-red berries in autumn.

Berberis Darwinii Darwin's Barberry

Clusters of small, nodding, orange-yellow flowers appear in mid- and late spring, followed by bluish-purple autumn berries. Vigorous and easy-to-grow, it often produces a second flush of flowers in autumn.

Honeysuckle 'Halliana’

Fabulously fragrant, large, tubular, white flowers, ageing to yellow, from July to September and oval, mid-green leaves. This vigorous, deciduous climber will soon cover a boundary wall or fence in a sunny site.

Cotoneaster Horizontalis

The glossy dark green leaves of this small, spreading, deciduous shrub are studded with tiny, pinkish-white flowers in May, followed by bright red autumn berries. The leaves turn orange-red before they fall.

Golden King Holly

The glossy leaves of this holly have grey-green mottled centres and bright, golden-yellow margins. Despite its name, this compact, conical, evergreen shrub is a ‘female’ variety of holly which produces reddish-brown autumn berries that ripen to red.

Paul's Scarlet Midland Hawthorn

A popular thorny tree with mid-green, three- to five-lobed leaves and a profusion of double, dark pink flowers in late spring. It is an ideal plant for all conditions, as it is tough enough to stand exposed sites, city pollution and even costal gardens.

Polemonium Caeruleum Jacob's Ladder

Jacob’s Ladder gets its name from the arrangement of its leaves – pairs of opposite leaflets resembling a ladder. In early summer, erect stems rise up from the bright green foliage carrying clusters of bell-shaped, lavender-blue flowers.​

Sorbus Aucaparia Rowan

Slow-growing tree with stout shoots of large, sticky red buds in winter. In spring, pinnate dark green, long leaves are produced which turn a fiery orange and red in autumn. The white flowers are produced in early summer usually followed by red berries which are quickly eaten by birds.

Buddleja Davidii 'Black Knight' Butterfly Bush

Buddleia can be a fabulous addition to a sunny border, with dramatic, fragrant flowers that are attractive to butterflies and other beneficial insects. Pruned hard in spring, ‘Black Knight’ produces dense spikes of tiny, fragrant, dark purple flowers.

Primula Vulgaris Primrose

Our native primrose is held in deep affection, partly because its one of the first spring flowers. From early March to May clusters of pale lemon, often fragrant flowers with centres the colour of egg yolk, appear among rosettes of large, deeply-veined, bright-green leaves.

Hedera Helix 'Glacier' Common Ivy

This popular ivy has small, three to five-lobed, grey-green leaves with silver-grey and cream markings. It’s a versatile, evergreen climber that will snake up a shady or sunny wall without support. Mature plants have clusters of yellowish-green, autumn flowers, followed by spherical black fruit.


Sunflower F1 Full Sun is a superb sunflower which has F1 hybrid vigour and is early flowering. The dramatic golden yellow flowerheads are 30 cm in diameter and are borne proudly above the tree-like stems and rich green leaves. Long-flowering, pollen free, and requires no staking.

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