Robin Teapot Nester

Robin Teapot Nester

Robins nest in open-fronted nest boxes and have been known to use all sorts of things in which to bring up their chicks such as old boots, hanging baskets, car bonnets, and even coat pockets.

This nest box designed to look like an old-fashioned  teapot will provide them with their own bespoke home and would make a lovely feature in your garden, or a great gift for any bird loving friend. 

The teapot nester is made from hi-fired frost resistant ceramic so will withstand whatever the British weather has to throw at it. It includes drainage holes in the base to prevent water accumulating, as well as mounting hole in the handle. 

It will attract other birds that like to use open-fronted sites such as wrens and pied wagtails, and is packed in a colourful gift carton.