Sparrow Flats

Sparrow Flats

This specially designed triple nest box from Plant Theatres is perfect for sparrows who like to breed in colonies. The sparrow population has seen a sharp decline in the UK in recent years and a lack of suitable nesting sites has been identified as a key factor.

Sparrow nest boxes are known as sparrow flats or sometimes sparrow terraces and by placing a set in your garden you will be doing your bit to help reverse that decline and allow them to live communally.

They will also provide shelter from harsh weather and predators and somewhere for sparrows to roost at night. 

The sparrow flats are beautiful constructed with a natural wooden ridged roof. It is painted with a lichen finish and has a copper trim for extra strength and durability.

Two fixings are fitted at the rear corners for easy hanging, and there is a door at the rear so the sparrow flats can be cleaned out at the end of each nesting season. 

The sparrow flats measure 33 x 15 x 18 cm and they come package in a gift box so would make a lovely present for a bird loving friend.