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UK Bird Watching Hotspots

The UK is home to over 600 species of wild birds and some beautiful locations in which to see them.

And with so much beautiful countryside around us it’s no wonder that more and more people are choosing to holiday in the UK. For bird watchers and anyone who loves the outdoors a holiday in the UK is a brilliant opportunity to relax and enjoy the amazing sites that nature has to offer.

Plus with the current uncertainty around foreign travel there’s never been a better time to holiday at home. 

There are also a number of social benefits to staying in the UK for your holiday. Air travel and long car journeys use fossil fuels and put a strain on the environment.  And by holidaying at home you will also be helping support local businesses and the economy.

Before you choose where to go on your bird watching holiday take some time to decide on the types of birds you want to see so you don’t leave disappointed. If you want to see wading birds then somewhere near an estuary or the coast is ideal. There are many lovely unspoilt wetlands in the UK and organisations such as the RSPB are doing important work to ensure that you can see a large variety of waterfowl.  

We’ve chosen some of the best places in the UK to spot birds which you can organise a holiday around. Plus you’ll find details of places to stay nearby and identification guides to all the birds you might spot. 

When you go out for a day be it for a picnic or some serious hiking please respect the environment and local people who live in the area. Make sure you are aware of the law and any local restrictions that govern the countryside and always follow The Bird Watchers’ Code so you don’t disturb that habitat that birds and plants live in. 


Bird Watching In The Lake District

Bird Watching In Northumberland

Bird Watching In Dumfries And Galloway

Bird Watching In The Cairngorms

Bird Watching On The Exe Estuary

Things to do and birds to spot

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