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Solar powered bird baths are kind to the environment and have no need for unsightly cables that may clutter up your garden. Because solar powered bird baths move the water around they are more attractive to birds who love the sound of running water. Moving water will also keep your bird bath cleaner and help prevent algae and bacteria build up.

Buying your solar powered bird bath online is quick, convenient and easy and you can have it delivered direct to your front door saving you the hassle of transporting it back home from a garden centre.

Solar Bird Bath

This pretty bird bath will look lovely in any garden or on a patio. It’s solar powered so there’s no need for cables, wires or hoses. Simply unpack, fill with water and enjoy. It will provide a safe place for birds to drink and you will have the calming sound of trickling water to help you relax. The solar panel comes with a built-in battery so it will charge up when the sun shines and the fountain can be used whenever you like.

Umbrella Solar Bird Bath

A solar powered bird bath water fountain, with umbrella, children and dog detailing. Made from resin in a grey stone finish, it will create a relaxing atmosphere in your garden or patio. Low voltage water pump with filter. No wiring; simply install and enjoy.

Solar Tree Trunk Bird Bath

Create a beautifully harmonious yet functional area in your garden with this smart solar powered tree trunk bird bath. It has been crafted from resin with an aged finish to create a realistic tree trunk effect with two perching birds adding the finishing touch. It is not only frost proof and weather resistant but also will not chip or crack.

Victoriana Solar Powered Bird Bath

This beautifully designed bird bath is produced in an authentic verdigris finish from durable frost resistant and UV stabilised polyresin. Incorporated into the solar panel are super bright white LEDs that automatically illuminate at dusk whilst the pump is running. The bird bath features the very latest “Tap” activation system: with just a light tap of the finger, the fountain can be switched on and off.

Windsor Solar Bird Bath

This water feature is striking in dark polyresin, reminiscent of Victorian iron garden ornaments. Add a touch of classical style to any space in your garden. This product is self contained and solar powered, meaning you can position it anywhere, even paved or decked areas. Lit by brilliant LED lights looks particularly attractive at night and makes a great garden centrepiece or focal point.

Round Tiered Solar Bird Bath

A classic tiered fountain design is perfect for both modern and traditional gardens. The water is recirculated in the reservoir within the feature – fully self-contained, with no need for you to purchase a reservoir. The bird bath highly durable, and UV and frost resistant.

Castille Programmable Solar Bird Bath

This bird bath combines a rustic, old-world charm with clever modern technology. It is solar powered, which means it is environmentally friendly and economical to run. This beautiful piece is elegant, reliable, and user-friendly. It is made from durable frost resistant and UV stabilised polyresin.

Two Storey Solar Bird Bath

Decorative ornamental bird bath for the garden or the terrace. The romantic design in Baroque style is combined with modern elegance in a concrete look. Due to the broad basin edges and the flat, bulging bowl, it is ideal for all garden birds. 

Cobbled Solar Powered Bird Bath

This lovely bird bath is great for providing the birds in your garden with a source of water all year round. The rustic cobbled stone design with two striking yellow birds is great for bringing some traditional charm to any garden. It is completely self contained so can go almost anywhere without needing to dig an external reservoir.

Pizzaro Solar Bird Bath

This solar powered bird bath includes super bright white LED lights and a selection of 3 fountain heads. It has a memory function so you can set it to go off at a specific time of day and a battery back-up and the fountain will automatically start working daily as soon as the battery has charged enough to run,

Tipping Pail Solar Bird Bath

Relax in your garden listening to the water gentle trickling over this beautifully designed water feature and watch as birds come to splash and play. The bird bath has quirky detailing on the top of the fountain of two children filling and tipping the bucket to create a cascade of water. The bird bath is finished with a bronze effect. 

3 Tier Solar Bird Bath

This beautiful bird bath would make a wonderful centrepiece in any garden and attract a variety of species. The fountain couldn’t be easier to install and there is no need to worry about the cost and complications of mains wiring as the solar panel will do all the work. Simply place the bird bath in a sunny spot, fill with water and away you go.

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