British Birds Identification Guides

Books and field guides for the identification of British birds, from the birds that visit our gardens, to the diverse range of waterfowl and shore birds, and the UK’s magnificent birds of prey.

There are over 500 species of British birds and whatever your level of expertise or interest in bird watching these bird identification books have been selected to help you discover more about Britain’s breeding and resident birds as well as some of our more occasional visitors. From leading publishers including the RSPB, Collins and the BTO, the guides include detailed photographs and authoritative text.

RSPB Handbook Of British Birds

This is a revised and updated fourth edition of the bestselling RSPB Handbook of British Birds. This unique guide provides a ‘biography’ of each of the 280 commonest British bird species. It covers all aspects of field identification, using illustrations from the highly acclaimed Handbook of Bird Identification to show all common plumage forms. The text also covers behaviour, breeding biology, population, status, longevity and any other interesting facts about the species concerned.

Collins Life-Size Birds

For decades, bird photography has been used to capture and create images of these photogenic subjects. Recent advances in technology mean that digital imaging has come of age and, as a result, contemporary photographs of birds can reveal as much detail as can be seen with the naked eye and the bird in the hand. This has allowed the creation of a book that depicts birds in intricate detail at life size, as well as larger than life in the case of many smaller species.

Collins British Birds: A Photographic Guide To Every Common Species

Collins Complete Guide to British Birds makes bird identification easier than ever before. It is the most complete photographic guide to British birds ever published and the only one to be designed to give everything that you need on each spread in a simple-to-use format. Every text entry covers identification of adults and juveniles, songs and calls, and where they are most likely to be found.

RSPB Pocket Guide To British Birds

This edition of the best-selling field guide from the RSPB is compact, informative and beautifully illustrated, and features 215 of the most common birds found in Britain.

Britain's Birds: An Identification Guide To The Birds Of Britain And Ireland

Britain’s Birds will be enjoyed and valued by everyone, from beginner to experienced birder. One of the most comprehensive, up-to-date and practical bird books of modern times, it features an unrivalled selection of photographs showing all the plumages you are likely to see. Focusing on identification, and containing maps, facts and figures on numbers and distributions, this breakthrough publication was devised by a team of lifelong birdwatchers.

Bill Bailey's Remarkable Guide To British Birds

Bailey takes us on a journey around the British Isles, zooming in on those birds that enthuse him the most. Whether it’s what they eat, where they fly to or how they communicate, these birds are always fascinating, and he introduces us to their weird and wonderful ways in a manner that is always entertaining.

The Everyday Guide To British Birds

The Everyday Guide to British Birds is the perfect companion for nature enthusiasts and birdwatching beginners. It describes the common and widespread species we’re most likely to come across in Britain and explains what makes each of them unique. Clearly illustrated, packed with fascinating facts and written in a friendly style, this RSPB is ideal for anyone who wants to identify and learn more about the birds they encounter, whether in the back garden or the wider countryside.

RSPB Complete Birds Of Britain And Europe

This is the complete guide to all the birds of Britain and Europe, from tiny garden birds to large birds of prey. Whether you’re a novice or a long-time birder, RSPB Complete Birds of Britain and Europe is an essential reference to the 800 bird species found in Britain and Europe. It comes with a 70-minute CD of birdsong and calls so you can listen to many of the birds featured in this beautiful guide.

Collins BTO Guide To British Birds

In a unique new collaboration, Collins have paired up with the respected British Trust for Ornithology, bringing together the most authoritative and up-to-date information in this new field guide to the common birds of Britain and Ireland.

British Birds (Nature Detective)

This bird spotting book introduces more than 50 of the most common birds found in Britain today. There are full descriptions of the birds, along with their scientific name, size, family and habitat. Full colour photographs will help with easy identification. Includes advice on how to be a good birdwatcher, such as best places to see birds and how to take notes to aid recognition, and tips on how to attract birds to your garden or local area. Find out how to make bird food to help birds survive the winter.

RSPB Pocket Garden Birdwatch

Profiles of the 40 most common British garden birds are illustrated with in-situ photography to make identification easy – including during the RSPB’s annual Big Garden Birdwatch event. The sections on birdfeeding provide advice on different kinds of feeders, where to position them, and the right kinds of food to give birds, while practical projects include making and siting a nest box. Other sections show you how to design a bird-friendly garden, including choosing plants to attract particular species.

RSPB Birds Of Britain and Europe

RSPB Birds of Britain and Europe is a necessary addition to any birdwatching enthusiasts collection, from experienced to beginner. Flick through the highest quality photography, bringing over 500 bird species to life on the page, as well as detailed profiles of some of the most well-known birds in Europe, such as swallows, storks, and woodpeckers. Authenticated by the Royal Society for the Protection of Birds, this really is the ultimate guide to our local birds.

Spotting And Jotting Guide: Our British Birds

There is nothing better than spotting a bird you have never seen before, so here is a handy way of keeping all your jottings in check. In Matt Sewell’s much-loved pop art style, and small enough to pop in your pocket, Our British Birds: Spotting and Jotting is the perfect accessory for bird-seekers and nature-lovers alike.

Birdsong: 150 British And Irish birds And Their Amazing Sounds

At last it is possible to listen to the amazing variety of birdsong that enriches our environment simply by opening this book. Delve into the absorbing text and beautiful photographs of each of the 150 birds whilst listening to their songs and calls. Among many others, the sounds you will hear at the touch of a button include the cries of birds of prey like the Red Kite, Osprey and Peregrine Falcon as well as the dramatic mewing or barking cries of several species of gulls that can be found both on our coasts and in the centre of towns.

British Birds Handbook

British Birds Handbook features exactly 100 bird species that can be spotted in gardens, countryside and coastal areas. Young birdwatchers aged 8+ can add their own photographs, drawings and observations to the fact-packed spreads, which all feature a description of each bird and its habits, a realistic illustration with labels, a quick ID guide, useful stats and an abundancy chart.

British Birds (Nature in Your Neighbourhood)

From familiar garden songbirds to powerful birds of prey, there are a whole host of fascinating birds to discover in Britain. Learn all about the remarkable range of British birds inside this book. Find out where to look for different species, how to identify them, when to spot them and much more.

British Birds

An illustrated guide to the birds of Britain. The book covers nearly 250 breeding birds and regular visitors, as well as over 130 occasional visitors, described and painted as an aid to identification. It contains general information about songs, habitats, nests, feeding and migration.

Collins Gem Birds

The ideal portable companion, the world-renowned Collins Gem series returns with a fresh new look and updated material. This is the perfect pocket guide for keen birdwatchers and nature enthusiasts to identify the most commonly seen species in Britain and Europe. Authoritative text and beautiful photographs show the distinguishing features of each bird,

Robins, Wrens And Other British Birds

The second in a gorgeous sticker book series created with the National Trust, this book is packed with facts about brilliant birds and their homes. With four pages of wildlife stickers, you can stick the ducks into the pond, fill the sky with swallows, add nests to the treetops, and much, much more. From oystercatchers wading in the estuary to woodpeckers nesting in the woods, this is an excellent introduction to all types of birds for the very young.

Birds Of The British Isles: An Illustrated Check List

Every known British bird is illustrated and described in full colour in this check list. There is information on where to see the birds and when to see them. This book is a basic tool for someone beginning bird watching as well as an aide-memoire for the more experienced ornithologist.

The Ultimate Guide To Birds Of The British Isles

Identifies more than 180 popular species. Details distinctive features, habitats, calls and plumage. Illustrated throughout with superb full-colour photographs. Includes detailed maps showing distribution throughout the year.

British Birds: Identification Guide

This work is part of a great new series of compact and attractive identification guides designed to help you learn to spot and distinguish between different varieties and species of animals and plants. Assuming no previous knowledge, nearly 200 of the most common British birds are featured with bitesize information on their primary and secondary features, habitats and characteristics.

Reader’s Digest Book Of British Birds

A revised edition of the classic illustrated guide to 217 bird species commonly found in Britain. There are also entries for a further 117 rarer species. Readers will find out how to identify birds by shape, colour and flight action, as well as learning about their evolution and navigation systems.

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