Bird Feeders

Blue Tit On Bird Feeder

A selection of bird feeders is one of the best ways to attract different species of wild birds to your garden. Bird feeders are especially useful if you only have a small garden or a balcony as they do not take up much room, and can be used for offering a variety of food including nuts, seeds, fat balls, and live food.

No bird friendly garden should be without at least one basic peanut feeder but you can buy a range of different feeders for holding all sorts of food including multi-purpose feeding stations and bird feeders that attach to your window if you only have a small garden or balcony.

You can also make bird feeders from kitchen scraps and household waste which is a great way of getting children involved with feeding birds and we have some ideas for different types of homemade bird feeders.

You’ll also find some advice on encouraging birds to use your bird feeders and information on keeping squirrels and other unwanted visitors away from them.


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