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A squirrel baffle can help stop squirrels from raiding your bird feeders and eating all the food you put out for your garden birds. Squirrel baffles are fitted to a bird feeding pole either below or above the feeders and prevent squirrels climbing up or jumping down. 

They come in a variety of styles and will help your bird food last longer, saving you money over time. 

Gardman Universal Squirrel Baffle

This squirrel baffle from Gardman will protect bird feeders and feeding stations from even the most determined of squirrels. It has a large diameter with a super-slippery dome and is supplied with adaptors to fit 12mm, 22mm or 25mm poles.

Woodside Universal Squirrel Baffle

Keep unwanted squirrels away from your bird feeder with Woodside’s squirrel baffle. Powder coated steel construction makes the surface slippery to pests but also incredibly robust to changing weather conditions. Simply attach the baffle to your hanging pole and rest assured knowing your bird feeder is safe.

Title 'n' Spin Squirrel Baffle

The Tilt ‘n’ Spin squirrel repeller from Defenders is designed to detect and repel squirrels from hanging birdfeeders without doing them harm. Hang your birdfeeder from the base of the Tilt ‘n’ Spin and it is calibrated to detect squirrels, so does not deter birds. Battery powered with an automatic activation function.

Audubon Clear Squirrel Baffle

The Audubon clear hanging of pole mount squirrel baffle can also be used as a weather shield. It is made of clear plastic to minimise obstruction of view. Dual purpose featuring post mount ability or hanging ability.

Woodlink Audubon Torpedo Squirrel Baffle

A torpedo shaped steel squirrel baffle to prevent squirrels climbing a bird feeder pole. Made of textured powder-coated steel and includes couples for mounting to any pole up to 35 mm. Simply slide on to the pole.

Squirrel Slinky

The high-tensile steel spring from Jacobi & Jayne stretches as squirrels try to climb from the ground, lowering the slinky to prevent marauders from holding onto the pole.

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