Positioning Your Bird Table

Providing a bird table is one of the best things you can do to attract birds to your garden. Once you have bought your bird table you need to think about where to put it so that birds will enjoy using it.

Starling On Bird Table

Place your bird table where it is quiet and the birds will not be disturbed, so if possible put it in your back garden rather than the front. Don’t place it by a path or other area where there is a lot of human traffic. However, remember that part of the fun of feeding birds is that you can watch them so don’t place it too far from the house.

Make sure the birds have a good all round view from your bird table so they are safe from predators such as cats and squirrels when they feed. Avoid placing it near fences, trees and dense bushes.

Your bird table should be positioned in sheltered spot so that it does not get too much direct sunlight or cold wind.

A small bush or tree about 2 metres from the bird table gives the birds somewhere safe to perch so they can see if it is safe to feed. They can also use it for queueing up for a place on the table and retreat to it quickly if they are disturbed.

A raised bird table is easier to view so either get one that is already mounted on a post or one that you can hang from a branch. Some birds such as blackbirds, thrushes and chaffinches prefer to feed from the ground so think about getting more than one feeding station.

Even if you don’t have room in your garden for a bird table you can buy feeding trays that attach to windows or balconies.

Take a look at this selection of bird tables for a variety to suit all types of gardens.

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