First Cuckoo 2015

First Cuckoo Bressingham 2015

David Knapp let us know that he heard a cuckoo calling on the 18th December in Bressingham, near Diss in Norfolk.

Cuckoos winter in Africa having left Europe in around September and will not return until the following spring. No records exist of a cuckoo wintering in the UK so it is unlikey that what David heard was a cuckoo.

They are often confused with collared doves or wood pigeons that have a similar call or even starlings that have been known to mimic them.

However, if we receive any more reports we will record them here so do let us know if you can corroborate David’s account.

First Cuckoo Mollington 2015

Stephen Sage heard a cuckoo on the 27th May in Mollington, Cheshire. He has never heard one before in ten years of listening.

First Cuckoo Cemaes 2015

Simon Capstick heard his first cuckoo since 2002 yesterday near Cemaes, Anglesey.

First Cuckoo Lymington 2015

Rita Cox heard her first cuckoo of 2015 today at Lymington Marshes, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Welshpool 2015

Catherine Wright wrote to tell us she heard her first cuckoo at 11 am when out on her yard on the farm in Welshpool, Powys.

First Cuckoo Warminster 2015

Susan Desrosiers was thrilled to hear her first cuckoo of spring today whilst walking on Battlesbury Hill in Warminster, Wiltshire.

First Cuckoo Stockton-on-Tees 2015

Alan Cantwell saw and heard his first cuckoo at 5 am today in Stockton-on-Tees, County Durham.

First Cuckoo Yelverton 2015

Sam Doel was walking at Yennadon Down above Burrator Reservoir in Dartmoor National Park today and heard the first cuckoo call of the year.

First Cuckoo Stourton 2015

Mel and Tina Poke wrote to tell us that after not hearing a cuckoo in their area for a couple of years they were delighted to hear their first cuckoo on the 11th of May whilst walking near the Cotswold Distillery on Whichford Road in Stourton, Staffordshire.

First Cuckoo Wimbish 2015

Danielle Andrews Grice wrote to let us know that she heard a cuckoo repeatedly yesterday at approximately 7:45 pm in Rowney Woods, Wimbish, Essex.

First Cuckoo York 2015

Beth Harrison heard her first cuckoo of 2015 today in York. It is the first time she has heard it for several years.

First Cuckoo Keswick 2015

Caroline Mumford heard a cuckoo twice around Derwentwater near Keswick, Cumbria on the 12th of May.

First Cuckoo Annfield Plain 2015

Alan Hodgson hear a cuckoo in Annfield Plain, County Durham on the 11th May. He added, “It is the first cuckoo I have heard here for over 20 years.”

First Cuckoo Mynydd Carmel 2015

Dawn Hayden saw two cuckoos today and heard another in the distance on Mynydd Carmel near Y From, Gwynedd.

First Cuckoo Eals 2015

Joanna Rimmer wrote to tell us, “We have just heard our first cuckoo of the year in mixed woodland close to Eals, Slaggyford in Northumberland. A sound so redolent of spring! It has been several years since we heard one.”

First Cuckoo Croft 2015

Chris Perrin heard his first cuckoo of the year today at 5:20 pm for about 15 minutes in Croft, Lincolnshire. “Excellent!” he added.

First Cuckoo Castlemorton 2015

Rosanna Perandin heard a cuckoo yesterday near her garden in Castlemorton, Worcestershire.

First Cuckoo Pershore 2015

Val Jackman heard her first cuckoo of spring this morning at 5:00 during a very noisy dawn chorus. She lives in Pershore, Worcestershire.

First Cuckoo Foxhole 2015

Mark Cannon heard a cuckoo today on heathland at Foxhole, Cornwall.

First Cuckoo Cross Houses 2015

Paul Davis was with his wife at Venus Pool Nature Reserve near Cross Houses, Shropshire when they first heard a cuckoo.

He added, “Then as we were sitting in one of the hides it flew right in front of us!”

First Cuckoo Claverley 2015

Alan Reade heard a cuckoo today in Claverley, Shropshire.

First Cuckoo White Coppice Village 2015

Audrey Perry heard her first cuckoo of spring today near White Coppice Village, Chorley, Lancashire.

First Cuckoo Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr 2015

Karen Williams heard her first cuckoo of spring today in Llanfihangel Glyn Myfyr, Conwy.

First Cuckoo St Buryan 2015

Holly Jackson Morris heard a cuckoo at Boscawen-Un, a Bronze age stone circle, near St.Buryan, West Penwith, Cornwall this morning at 9:30.

First Cuckoo Matlock 2015

Hilary McKay wrote to tell us she heard her first cuckoo (and first house martins) today in Matlock, Derbyshire.

First Cuckoo Tilston 2015

Zoe Smith heard her first cuckoo today in the village of Tilston, near Malpas, Cheshire.

First Cuckoo Gwynedd 2015

Gwenda Taylor heard her first cuckoo of spring today in Gwynedd, North Wales.

First Cuckoo Lindfield 2015

Kerry Ellis was walking her dog this morning and heard her first cuckoo of 2015 over farmland and woods in Lindfield Sussex.

She said, “I have been waiting for the last week or so to hear and today was the day. Such a wonderful spring sound and I hope they have a good year.”

First Cuckoo Wye Valley 2015

Linda Fowler heard a cuckoo at 6:40 am today in the Wye Valley a few miles south of Hereford.

First Cuckoo Chiddingfold 2015

Jo Cohen heard her first cuckoo this morning in Chiddingfold, Surrey.

First Cuckoo St Leonards On Sea 2015

Jackie heard a cuckoo literally at 8:pm in St. Leonards on Sea, East Sussex.

She said, “he must have just arrived as hadn’t head him at all today.”

First Cuckoo Oundle 2015

Karen heard my first cuckoo this morning at 7:00 in the Oundle area in Northamptonshire.

First Cuckoo West Peckham 2015

Sharon Potter heard a cuckoo at 8:50 this morning in Hazel Wood, West Peckham, Kent.

She commented, “It’s early for here.”

First Cuckoo Spring Cottage 2015

Alison Buckley heard her first cuckoo of spring this morning at Spring Cottage, Leicestershire.

First Cuckoo Bradfield Southend 2015

Jo Parsons wrote to tell us she clearly heard a cuckoo early this morning as she walked her dog on farmland around Bradfield Southend, West Berkshire.

First Cuckoo West Harling 2015

Hensby heard a cuckoo today in West Harling, Norfolk.

First Cuckoo East Tisted 2015

Rossina Paris head a cuckoo today in East Tisted, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Ryton 2015

Des King emailed to say, “I usually hear my first cuckoo of the year sometime during the first week in May – always at the same place: Ryton Pool Country Park about 4 miles out of Leamington Spa, and actually never anywhere else. I heard it calling today; the earliest ever.”

First Cuckoo Pickering 2015

Isobel wrote to tell us that a cuckoo flew very low over her car bonnet while she was just north of Pickering in Yorkshire.

This was her first cuckoo of 2015.

First Cuckoo Boreham 2015

Simon Coxall heard and saw a cuckoo this morning in the meadowlands of the Chelmer River in Boreham, Essex.

First Cuckoo Steep 2015

Tim Stubbington heard a cuckoo in Ashford near Steep in Hampshire on the 3rd April.

He commented, “I couldn’t believe it and am open to the suggestion of a hoax of some sort, but why?”

This is not the earliest report of a cuckoo we have received; however they are sometimes confused with collared doves so it may not have been a hoax but a genuine report or a case of mistaken identity.

First Cuckoo Hope Valley 2015

Peter Williams heard a cuckoo at Ramsley Reservoir near Hope Valley in the Peak District National Park, Derbyshire on the morning of 18th March, a site they return to each year.

First Cuckoo East Hanney 2015

John Spokes wrote to let us know he thought he heard a cuckoo yesterday in woods near East Hanney, Oxfordshire. He is sure it wasn’t a pigeon and wondered whether it was possible.

We have had a number of early reports of cuckoos this year. A couple of people who wrote to us have since clarified that they were mistaken and although cuckoo reports are getting earlier we are still some time away from April 14th.

First Cuckoo Harpley Dams 2015

Sheila Roberts saw a cuckoo at 4:45 pm near Peddars Way at Harpley Dams. She said it’s really early for Norfolk.

First Cuckoo Wellow 2015

Bryony Owen heard a cuckoo call at 8:00 am today in her garden in Wellow on the Isle of Wight. She commented that it is very early.

First Cuckoo Calverton 2015

Another very early cuckoo. Linda Martin-Hackett wrote to tell us she heard a cuckoo in Calverton, Nottinghamshire today at about 1:30 pm.

First Cuckoo Ashbury 2015

Dean Plumridge heard his first cuckoo at his home in Ashbury, Wiltshire on February 27th at 6:30 am, again at 7:5 am and again at 4:15 pm today.

He said, “It’s the first time I have heard one hear for many years, must be 5 at least. Up until then it was every year round about April This one is so early, so lovely to hear, I gather they are generally early this year.”

First Cuckoo Crynant 2015

Kevin wrote to tell us he had heard a cuckoo on the afternoon of the 9th February in Crynant, Neath, Port Talbot. This is very early for a cuckoo and at this time of year they are often confused with collared doves.

We asked for confirmation from the BTO who said it was unlikely. Their tracked cuckoos are still south of the Sahara. However, if anyone can corroborate Kevin’s claim we’d love to hear from you.

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