First Cuckoo 2016

First Cuckoo Wigstone 2016

Liz Brookes heard a cuckoo today in Wigston, Leicester at about 9:00 am.

First Cuckoo Church Stretton 2016

Katherine Edwards-Li and her husband heard a cuckoo calling in the very lovely surroundings of Carding Mill Valley, Church Stretton, Shropshire on the 28th May.

First Cuckoo Dunsop Bridge 2016

Gareth Stockdale wrote to let us know the cuckoo is back in the Trough of Bowland near Dunsop Bridge. Lancashire.

He saw one on the 2nd May and heard one yesterday at about 4 pm.

First Cuckoo Oxford 2016

Rosie Collins heard her first cuckoo of 2016 at Shotover Park, Oxford, at 10.30 am on the 8th May.

First Cuckoo Much Hadham 2016

Mari Fleming heard a cuckoo calling this morning at 8 am in Much Hadham, Hertfordshire.

First Cuckoo Burton Upon Trent 2016

Alison Williams heard a cuckoo for the first time this year at 8 am on farmland in Burton upon Trent, Derbyshire.

First Cuckoo Cottenham 2016

Lindsay Thompson heard her first cuckoo of the year today in Cottenham, Cambridge.

She said, “Spring has arrived!”

First Cuckoo Ashford Hill 2016

Lynn Tucker heard her first cuckoo of spring yesterday afternoon in Ashford Hill, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Tarset 2016

Jan Ashdown heard two cuckoos flying fast over her with one calling as she fed her sheep in Tarset, Northumberland.

She said, “Good moment to have them back – bit later than usual but then the weather last week was appalling. Often see them looking for meadow pipits’ nests in my field’s walls.”

First Cuckoo Martin 2016

Simone Smart heard her first cuckoo of the year today in Martin, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Lidlington 2016

Inta heard a cuckoo yesterday evening in Lidlington, Bedfordshire.

First Cuckoo Milson 2016

Bob Westwood heard a cuckoo early this evening in Milson, Shropshire.

He noted it was 2 days earlier than he heard it in 2015.

First Cuckoo Withypool 2016

Sheila Blanning heard a cuckoo today in Withypool, Exmoor.

First Cuckoo Wareham Forest 2016

Diane Oliver heard a cuckoo at 07:15 on the 17th April in Wareham Forest, Dorset.

First Cuckoo Chailey Common 2016

Stephen Watson heard a cuckoo calling this morning at Chailey Common, East Sussex.

First Cuckoo Wimborne 2016

Mark Bramley heard a cuckoo this morning at about 6:30 on heathland near Wimborne, Dorset.

First Cuckoo Guildford 2016

Nick Hutley heard his first cuckoo on the 13th April near Guildford, Surrey.

First Cuckoo Frensham 2016

Arno Spaarkogel heard a cuckoo today at Frensham Great Pond in Surrey at 12:20 pm.

First Cuckoo Minstead 2016

Anne Hayward heard her first cuckoo of the year near Minstead in the New Forest, Hampshire today at about 2:00 pm.

First Cuckoo Ashurst 2016

Sally Haines heard her first cuckoo twice this morning in the Longdown area of the New Forest, near Ashurst.

First Cuckoo Goonhilly Downs 2016

Bryan Bowden heard a cuckoo when he arrived at work today on Goonhilly Downs, Cornwall at 6:35 am.

First Cuckoo Malvern Hills 2016

First Cuckoo Malvern Hills 2016 Mark Evans and his wife heard the first call of the cuckoo on Hereford Beacon in the Malvern Hills today …

First Cuckoo Cannock Chase 2016

Nigel heard his first cuckoo at Cannock Chase, Staffordshire this morning.

First Cuckoo Wythall 2016

Janet James heard a cuckoo this morning in woodland at the back of her home in Wythall, Birmingham, at 7 am and 11 am.

She said, “He arrives every year between the 16th and 19th of April.”

First Cuckoo Navenby 2016

Mike Astill heard a cuckoo at 9:00 am today in Navenby, Lincolnshire.

First Cuckoo Ashbourne 2016

“Has spring finally sprung?” asks Donal Greene who is happy to report he heard his first cuckoo yesterday evening in fields near Ashbourne, Co. Meath.

First Cuckoo Corpusty 2016

A cuckoo has taken up its usual place in woods in Corpusty, Norfolk and has been calling loudly today writes Thomas Edgecombe.

First Cuckoo Benenden 2016

Carl Leppard emailed to let us know he heard his first cuckoo of the year today while he was on holiday in Benenden, Kent.

First Cuckoo Kirby Muxloe 2016

Jane Everall heard a cuckoo at 8:30 am in Kirby Muxloe, Leicestershire. She also added that she has a great tit building a nest in the eaves of her house.

First Cuckoo Sutton Bridge 2016

Joan Ansell thought she heard a cuckoo yesterday but was sure she heard it today in Sutton Bridge, Lincolnshire.

She said, “If it is the same one I hear every year it always comes early and stays late.”

First Cuckoo Wickhambrook 2016

Meg heard her first cuckoo heard today in Wickhambrook, Suffolk.

First Cuckoo Llandaff North 2016

Karen Francis heard a cuckoo singing today in the early evening whilst she was at her allotment in Llandaff North, Cardiff.

She said, “There was no mistaking the beautiful call as we heard the bird on and off for quite a few minutes before it flew away.”

First Cuckoo King’s Lynn 2016

Christine Hal heard the first cuckoo of the spring in Wiggenhall St. Germans, King’s Lynn, Norfolk yesterday.

First Cuckoo Hebden Bridge 2016

Diana Monahan heard a cuckoo in Hebden Bridge, West Yorkshire on 24th March.

First Cuckoo Codshall 2016

Sandra Lee emailed us to say, “Yesterday while relaxing in my living room overlooking my garden a bird settled on the fence very close to the window.

“My immediate reaction was ‘what on earth is that?’ as it was not like anything I had seen before. It was a dark inky colour with a distinctively barred breast. Somehow it did ring a bell and I thought of a cuckoo and when I checked in my bird book it was confirmed.

“I have yet to hear one this year but to see one is even better! I live in Codsall which is on the outskirts of Wolverhampton close to the Shropshire border.”

First Cuckoo Romsey 2016

Debbie heard a cuckoo calling 3 times at 6:30 this morning near Romsey, Hampshire. She added that she thought it was too early for them to be here although we have already had a number of reports this year.

First Cuckoo Port Talbot 2016

Dave Niven heard a cuckoo this morning at 7:30 at the edge of Baglan Woods in Port Talbot, South Wales.

First Cuckoo Sedbergh 2016

Paul Norcross heard a cuckoo on the 12th March on Brant Fell, Sedbergh, Cumbria and commented that it seemed early.

First Cuckoo Brackley 2016

Anna Mezciems emailed to say she definitely heard a cuckoo for two days on the trot on the 17th and 18th March in Brackley, Northamptonshire.

She said, “It was clear as a bell and definitely a cuckoo”.

First Cuckoo Boyton 2016

N Innes heard a cuckoo today in Boyton, Suffolk.

First Cuckoo Blackwater 2016

Maralyn Levett wrote to report her amazement at hearing a cuckoo at 1:15 pm last Friday the 4th March in her garden in Blackwater, North East Hampshire.

She wrote, “It was a beautiful sunny day.I am very familiar with the sound and would not confuse it with wood pigeons, which are plentiful around here.

Thinking that it must be a recording as it was clear as day and repeated several times. Dismissed it as impossible but after hearing that I wasn’t the first according to your website, I thought I must report it too.”

First Cuckoo Cambridge 2016

Gina Booth wrote to tell us that this morning at about 7:15 she heard the distinctive, repetitive call of a cuckoo.

She said, “We have pigeons and collared doves around my building calling all the time so I’m very used to these sounds and it wasn’t one of those. I’m also a bird enthusiast so I’ve become very familiar with different bird calls and I’ve only ever previously heard a cuckoo between April and August.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing and thought it had to be an alarm clock or a ringtone on someone’s phone at first, ‎as it’s a bit early in the year for a cuckoo, but as I went to my window I could hear it getting louder then fading out as it would if it was flying overhead. I heard this ‘cuh-ckoo’ sound about 5 or 6 times the first time, then about 3 times a couple of minutes later. It was much fainter the second time.

Have there been any other reports of cuckoos in the past week or so? If so, this is about a month earlier than I would expect to hear one, but many flowers seem to be a lot earlier this year so maybe the cuckoos are reacting to the same thing, such as the ever warming climate. I was also surprised to hear one from my flat as I’m close to town, although I’m closer to the river.”

First Cuckoo Denton 2016

Sue Pilfold wrote to tell us she was almost certain she heard a cuckoo calling this morning in the woods near her home in Denton, Newhaven, East Sussex.

She said, “It’s a song that I have heard many times in the past and it was too distinct and was carrying too far to have been a collared Dove. Could this be so as it seems very early?”

We have had a number of reports of early cuckoos this year – more than any previous year in fact. It seems that the earliest cuckoo ever reliably recorded in the UK was on the 20th February 1953 at Farnham, Surrey so if this year’s reports are correct cuckoos have returned much earlier than they normally would do.

The cuckoos that the BTO are tracking have not yet left Africa and as cuckoos aren’t concerned with nest building there is no need for them to arrive early or stay over winter. It’s much more likely that what Sue heard was a collared dove.

First Cuckoo Crowborough 2016

Dik Cook emailed us to say he had heard his first cuckoo this year extraordinarily early at about 12:45 pm on the 23rd February in Jarvis Brook, south of Crowborough, East Sussex.

He explained, “It was not a collared dove as we have those inhabiting our dovecote and I know their calls too well.”

First Cuckoo High Halden 2016

Paula Wise emailed us to say she has just heard her first cuckoo in High Halden, Kent.

She added, “It definitely wasn’t a collared dove, starling or similar. I have noted down when I hear them for the last 10 years; last year was on 29th March.”

First Cuckoo Harlech 2016

Dee Bentham from Harlech, Gwynedd heard a cuckoo yesterday morning. Her daughter thought she heard one on the 13th February too.

First Cuckoo Bury St Edmunds 2016

Lisa Eastwood heard a cuckoo twice yesterday morning at 9:30 at Hardwick Heath park in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk.

First Cuckoo Darlington 2016

Richard Lamb said he heard a very distinct cuckoo calling today at 3.30 pm in Darlington, County Durham. He added that he knows it’s a bit early.

First Cuckoo Silsden 2016

Karen Procter was out walking her dog today when she heard a cuckoo call about 3 or times at around noon.

She wrote, “it came from the top end of our road, which is very wooded and leads into countryside. I know it’s fairly early for them, but this was a very distinct call, NOT a Dove or Wood Pigeon.

“I am vey familiar with the birds and wildlife of this area, (Silsden – West Yorkshire) and there was no mistaking this wonderful sound. This is only the second time I have heard a cuckoo, and it was very special indeed!”

First Cuckoo Llanmadoc 2016

We have had a report from Jonathan Upton of a cuckoo heard in Llanmadoc, Gower in Wales. Although we do get some reports at this time of year it is far too early for cuckoos to have returned as they have not yet started their long journeys back from Africa.

It is most likely to have been the call of a collared dove which can sound very similar to a cuckoo particularly if the sound is unfamiliar.

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