First Cuckoo 2017

First Cuckoo 2017

First Cuckoo Capel Curig 2017

Alan and Sue Buxton head a cuckoo today at Capel Curig, Snowdonia, North Wales.

First Cuckoo Marlborough 2017

Peter Fletcher head a cuckoo today in West Wood near Marlborough, Wiltshire.

First Cuckoo Throop 2017

Wendy and her husband heard their first cuckoo today while walking in Throop, a village on the outskirts of Bournemouth, Dorset.

First Cuckoo Cannich 2017

Georgina Parker first heard a cuckoo at 5:00 pm on Sunday 30th April and every morning and afternoon since.

First Cuckoo Heybridge 2017

Len Miles head his first cuckoo today in Hebridge, Maldon, Essex.

First Cucoo Haslemere 2017

Rev. Fergal Mc Guinness head a cuckoo today at 4:45 am in Haslemere, Surrey.

First Cuckoo Cleeve Hill 2017

Kevin Gunn heard his first cuckoo today at 6:45 am on Cleeve Hill, GL52, 3QE.

First Cuckoo Wormshill 2017

Jorgie Vickers heard a cuckoo at 9:45 am at ME9 0UA.

First Cuckoo Staplehurst 2017

Litsa Aris emailed to let us know she heard her first cuckoo today in Staplehurst, Kent. She’s pretty sure it’s been earlier in the last few years.

First Cuckoo Naunton 2017

David Porter heard a cuckoo today at 8:00 am at GL54 3AU.

First Cuckoo Portishead 2017

Viv Oldland heard a cuckoo in the woods near Portishead, Bristol on the 26th April. She said she couldn’t see it and it was later than last year.

First Cuckoo Chilbolton 2017

Darrell Smith head a cuckoo at 9:35 am today on Chilbolton Cow Common, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Ickleford 2017

Helen Feehan heard a cuckoo this morning in its usual spot in the bat willow trees by the river Hiz in Ickleford, North Hertfordshire.

First Cuckoo Broomfield 2017

Wendy Easton heard her first cuckoo of 2017 in her garden in Broomfield north of Chelmsford, Essex.

First Cuckoo Lower Shiplake 2017

Christine Priestly wrote to tell us she hear the glorious sound of the first cuckoo sing out over the River Thames at Lower Shiplake, Oxfordshire at 11:00 am today. She commented, “Winter is finally over!”

First Cuckoo Kingswear 2017

R Hatcher from the Wildlife Sound Recording Society emailed us to let us know they heard a cuckoo calling about twenty times today near Kingswear, Devon.

First Cuckoo Little Cressingham 2017

Peter Saunders heard a cuckoo this morning while out for a walk at 6:30 am in the village of Little Cressingham, Norfolk.

First Cuckoo Kingsley 2017

Chris Pomroy head a cuckoo on Kingsley Common, Hampshire today. He said it was great to hear!

First Cuckoo New Romney 2017

Peter heard a cuckoo this morning in his garden. He lives in New Romney, Kent near the RSPB Reserve.

First Cuckoo Shawford 2017

Christine Dewbury heard a cuckoo this morning a Shawford in the Itchen Valley, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Gulval 2017

Geraldine Berryman was very excited to hear her first cuckoo yesterday afternoon at Gulval near Penzance, Cornwall.

She said, “It definitely wasn’t a collared dove as I am a keen birdwatcher and know the difference!”

First Cuckoo Waterbeach 2017

Scott Burman heard a cuckoo near the River Cam near Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire. He initially heard it then spotted it in an old beech tree.

First Cuckoo Bashley 2017

Melanie Welch heard a cuckoo today at Broadley Inclosure near Bashley, Hampshire.

First Cuckoo Hay Bluff 2017

Paul Smith heard a cuckoo today just below Hay Bluff, a hill in the Black Mountains, Powys.

First Cuckoo Lyme Regis 2017

Michele Hancock heard a cuckoo calling yesterday morning at the back of our house in Trinity Hill Forestry Commission, DT7 3SL. She said it was beautiful to hear.

First Cuckoo Purbeck 2017

Crispin Read Wilson and his wife clearly heard a cuckoo yesterday at 4:00 pm in Kimmeridge Coppice, Dorset.

First Cuckoo Melbury Abbas 2017

Sue Clifford heard a cuckoo calling today at midday for half and hour in woodland under the west side of Melbury Hill, Dorset.

First Cuckoo Lincoln 2017

Rachel Johnstone who lives in in South Lincolnshire wrote to tell us that her son who is at the University of Lincoln phoned her on the 31st March to say he had heard a cuckoo which was in a tree in his neighbour’s garden. She wondered if they were hearing things.

First Cuckoo Edgehill 2017

Anthony Rapp heard a cuckoo today in the woods on Edgehill, Warwickshire.

First Cuckoo Staplecross 2017

Karen Wake heard a cuckoo today in TN32 5QT.

First Cuckoo Silverhill Wood 2017

David Cooke wrote to say he had heard the first cuckoo of the year quite clearly at Silverhill Wood, Nottinghamshire today at midday. It’s still very early for cuckoos to have returned to the UK so perhaps David was mistaken.

First Cuckoo Harrow 2017

Sue said she heard a cuckoo at about 8 o’clock this morning. It is very early for cuckoos to be in the UK. At this time of year they are often confused with collared doves.

First Cuckoo Bridgwater 2017

Stephen Packer wrote to say he heard a cuckoo at 8:45 am today in Bridgwater, Somerset. He asked if it was unusual to hear one this early.

It is very unlikely that what Stephen heard was a cuckoo as they do not return to the UK when it is still so cold. It could have been a collared dove.