Are Robins' Eggs Blue?

Robin Eggs

The answer to this question depends on which continent you are asking from.

If you are in North America, then yes, robins’ eggs are blue. However, if you are asking from Europe, then the European robin lays pale cream or buff eggs with reddish speckles.

Robin egg blue, also known as eggshell blue was first recorded as a colour name in 1873. It is recorded on the ISCC–NBS System of Color Designation denoted by the Hex triplet #96DED1 and a CMYK value of (38, 0, 23, 0).

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Tiffany Blue is a paler variation of robin egg blue that was first used on the cover of Tiffany’s Blue Book published in 1845. The New York City jewellery company has since then patented the colour and uses it extensively on packaging and promotional materials.

Because of the popularity of robin egg blue as a colour both in the USA and UK, many people mistakenly believe that the European robin lays blue eggs. Some birds in the UK, such as blackbirds, dunnocks and song thrushes do lay blue eggs that closer resemble the American robin’s eggs which can on occasion lead to misidentification. 

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