Collective Nouns For Birds

One of the most remarkable things about the animal kingdom and just one of the many crazy things about the English language is the variety of collective nouns that all mean ‘group’.

Twack Of Ducks

Below you’ll find a comprehensive list of collective nouns for birds. If you’re aware of any more we’d love to hear from you.

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a rookery of albatrosses
a weight of albatrosses
a raft of auks
a colony of avocets



a pretence of bitterns
a sedge of bitterns
a siege of bitterns
a chain of bobolinks
a bellowing of bullfinches
a wake of buzzards


a tok of capercaillie
a mews of capons
a clutch of chicks
a peep of chickens
a clattering of choughs
a covert of coots
a raft of coots
a flight of cormorants
a herd of cranes
a sedge of cranes
a horde of crows
a hover of crows
a mob of crows
a murder of crows
a muster of crows
a parcel of crows
a parliament of crows
a storytelling of crows
a herd of curlews

A Murder Of Crows


a trip of dotterel
a bevy of doves
a dole of dove
a flight of doves
a piteousness of doves
a pitying of doves
a dopping of ducks (diving)
a plump of ducks (flying)
a paddling of ducks (on water)
a badling of ducks
a flush of ducks
a raft of ducks
a sord of ducks
a team of ducks
a twack of ducks
dunlin – a fling of dunlins


a congress of eagles
a convocation of eagles
a mob of emus

Golden Eagle
Peregrine Falcon


a cast of falcons
a charm of finches
a trembling of finches
a trimming of finches
a flamboyance of flamingoes
a stand of flamingoes


an omniscience of godwits
a prayer of godwits
a pantheon of godwits
a drum of goldfinches
a troubling of goldfinches
a charm of goldfinches
a chirm of goldfinches
a gaggle of geese
a wedge of geese (flying)
a nide of geese
a skein of geese
a plump of geese (on water)
a flight of goshawks
a covey of grouse
a lek of grouse
a pack of grouse
a bazaar of guillemots
a confusion of guinea fowl
a colony of gulls
a screech of gulls

Grey Heron


a cast of hawks
a lease of hawks (tame)
a kettle of hawks
a brood of hens
a siege of herons
a charm of hummingbirds


a clattering of jackdaws
a train of jackdaws
a band of jays
a party of jays
a scold of jays



a desert of lapwings
a bevy of larks
an exaltation of larks
an exalting of larks


a conventicle of magpies
a gulp of magpies
a mischief of magpies
magpies – a tidings of magpies
magpies – a tittering of magpies
mallards – a sute of mallards
mallards – a sord of mallards
martins – a richness of martins
mudhen- a fleet of mudhen



a watch of nightingales


a parliament of owls
a stare of owls
a study of owls
a wisdom of owls
a parcel of oystercatchers

Tawny Owl
Grey Partridge


a company of parrots
a prattle of parrots
a pandemonium of parrots
a covey of partridges
a muster of peacocks
a pride of peacocks
an ostentation of peacocks
a pod of pelicans
a scoop of pelicans
a squadron of pelicans
a colony of penguins
a creche of penguins
a huddle of penguins
a parcel of penguins
a rookery of penguins
a bouquet of pheasants
a covey of pheasants
a nide of pheasants
a nye of pheasants
a kit of pigeons
a loft of pigeons
a congregation of plovers
a covey of ptarmigans


a bevy of quail
a covey of quail



an unkindness of ravens
a blush of robins
a bobbin of robins
a breast of robins
a carol of robins
a gift of robins
a reliant of robins
a riot of robins
a rouge of robins
a round of robins
a ruby of robins
a building of rooks
a clamour of rooks
a parliament of rooks
a hill of ruffs


a bind of sandpipers
a cluster of sandpipers
a contradiction of sandpipers
a fling of sandpipers
a hill of sandpipers
a time-step of sandpipers
a cloud of sea fowl
a colony of seagulls
a flock of seagulls
a doading of sheldrakes
an exultation of skylarks
a walk of snipe
a wisp of snipe
a host of sparrows
a quarrel of sparrows
a ubiquity of sparrows
a murmuration of starlings
a muster of storks
a phalanx of storks
a flight of swallows
a gulp of swallows
a gaggle of swans
a wedge of swans (flying)
a bank of swans
a bevy of swans
a whiteness of swans
a herd of swans
an eyrar of swans
a gargle of swans

House Sparrow
Turtle Dove


a diving of teal
a spring of teal
a mutation of thrushes
a raffle of turkeys
a rafter of turkeys
a dole of turtle doves
a pitying of turtle doves


waterfowl – a knob of waterfowl
waterfowl – a plump of waterfowl
wigeon – a coil of wigeon
woodpeckers – a descent of woodpeckers
woodcocks – a fall of woodcocks
wrens – a herd of wrens


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