Grow A Lawn For Birds

Although birds will appreciate shrubs and trees in your garden a lawn can also provide a haven for them, supplying natural food such as insects and earthworms and shelter as well as a place to sun themselves. There has been a trend in recent years to replace lawns with paving, decking and even artificial grass but even a small patch of lawn will help you attract birds to your garden.

Woman Raking A Lawn

Lawns need plenty of light to grow evenly but you can grow grass almost anywhere such as in a container on a patio. You can choose to grow a lawn from seed or use turf to provide an instant lawn although that option is more expensive. A well chosen turf will require less water and is as important to your garden as other native plants.

If you are growing your lawn from scratch try incorporating some meadow flowers by mixing in some wild flower seeds with the grass seed. Ensure they are native and suitable for your soil type. If you have an established lawn you can also try adding some wild flower seeds or incorporate them using plugs.

Do not use chemicals such as pesticides, insecticides or on your lawn as even small amounts can be toxic to birds and they will also kill birds’ natural food sources. If you need to use chemicals then use spot treatments as needed and do them when birds are not around.

Mow less frequently if you want to attract more birds. If you can’t bear to let your whole lawn grow long then leave a small patch to go wild. The longer grass will provide shelter for birds as well as attracting insects and you may find some wild grasses and flowers begin to grow. Use grass clippings for compost or spread on beds and borders to act as mulch. A small amount of clippings left on the lawn will increase humus which will benefit invertebrates such as worms. Grass clippings also make good nesting material.

Before you mow your lawn check for any fledglings that may have hidden themselves amongst the grass. Small mammals may also have taken refuge and either wait for them to move or gently move them onto paths or flower beds.

Lawn mowers, leaf blowers and trimmers are all essential equipment for maintaining a neat lawn but petrol powered tools give off toxic chemicals and birds will find the noise disturbing.

A few leaves will not harm your lawn so try to rake your lawn as little as possible in the autumn. Birds will forage in leaf litter for insects, seeds and nuts. Don’t remove all the leaves from your garden as a pile of dead leaves makes a great home for hedgehogs.

With just a little work you can create and maintain a lawn that you can enjoy and that will provide a great home for the birds in your garden.

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