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We’ve gathered together a huge range of resources and information to help you get to know birds better. From comprehensive identification guides to the role of birds in art and culture you’ll find it all here¬†

House Sparrow

Bird ID guides

Learn to identify 100s of British birds
Knot And Turnstone

Bird Identification Guides

Comprehensive identification guides to over 160 British birds

Hen Harrier

British Birds Of Prey

Learn how to identify 21 of the most common British birds of prey.


British Garden Birds

Mini guides to help you identify 18 of the most common birds to visit UK gardens.

Carrion Crow Eggs

British Birds’ Eggs

Learn how to identify the eggs of some of the UK’s most common wild birds.

Bird brain

Answers to avian conundrums

First Cuckoo

Have you seen or heard a cuckoo? Let us know here.

Birds in culture

The role of birds in literature, art, and mythology.

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