A Bird Friendly Garden

Great Tits At Bird Feeder

It is quite simple to create a bird friendly garden with just a little time and effort. Many birds that used to be commonly seen in UK gardens such as house sparrows and blackbirds are decreasing in numbers so by making your garden a haven for birds you can help reverse that decline.

Things to think about are the types of plants you grow in your garden, providing food, water and shelter for birds, a place where they can nest and raise their young, and keeping predators out.

If you have children getting them involved with planning and making your garden bird friendly is a great way of introducing them to nature and teaching them to take care of the environment.

By turning your garden into a small-scale, bird friendly “nature reserve” you can really make a difference to local bird populations. And of course you will get the enjoyment of seeing more birds and different species in your garden.


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Tree Sparrow

Echoes Glazed Bird Bath

The Echoes glazed, ceramic bird bath is inscribed with a stanza from William Blake's 'Auguries of Innocence'.

Sparrow Flats

Provide a home for sparrows who like to nest in colonies.

Bird Table With Built In Feeder

A versatile wooden bird table with an integrated nut feeder.

Fledgling Bird Food

Nutritious bird seed mix for parents and baby birds.

Bird Camera Nest Box

Springwatch in your living room! Watch birds nest and hatch their chicks.